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Business License Information And Application

Business License Information And Application

Riverview Business and Professional Registry

Looking to start a new business in Riverview? Check Business License Fee Schedule Listing here
Building and Engineering Department Fee Schedule

New Business License Info Packet and Application Forms
Fill out the two forms and return them to the City Clerk along with a $35 1st time application fee plus a $550 Building & Engineering Fee.
Professional Registrations (doctors, lawyers, dentists) do not require payment of a 1st time fee.

New Business Applicant Additional Information

2018 RENEWAL Business License Application--Interactive

Home Occupation Business License Application

Information on Peddler License

Information on Solicitor License
Solicitor Ordinance
Solicitor Application

Information on Transient Merchant License

Transient Peddler Solicitor Special License Application

Zoning Requirements for Home Occupation

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