City of Riverview, MI

Building and Engineering


The Riverview Building and Engineering Department administers local and state construction codes and engineering regulations protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

The Department is responsible for:

  • Building plan reviews
  • Processing building and construction permits
  • Contractor registration
  • Building and trade inspections
  • Business license – building and property maintenance and safety approval
  • Flood plain information
  • Stormwater maintenance agreements
  • Rental inspection program
  • Fire marshal coordination

Inspections and plan reviews are conducted using the following codes and regulations.

  • 2009 Michigan Builder Code
  • 2012 Michigan Plumbing Code
  • 2009 Michigan Residential Code
  • 2012 Michigan Mechanical Code
  • 2011 NEC (Michigan Electrical Code)
  • 2012 International Property Maintenance Code
  • 2009 Michigan Rehabilitation Code
  • 2009 International Fire Code
  • 2009 International Fuel Code

Building and Engineering staff operate under direction of the Community Development Department. 



 The City of Riverview currently does not conduct Certificate of Occupancy inspections on the sale of houses.
If the property is marked with a green sticker, the new owner must call  the code enforcement officer for a walk through inspection prior to occupancy. There is no charge for this inspection. Code enforcement's phone number is 734-281-4249.



City inspections are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The department issues a block time for inspections and does not schedule set times. A permit fee includes one inspection. An inspection fee is charged for a scheduled visit whether access is allowed or not. Property owners are advised to be sure inspector access is available during scheduled times to eliminate re-inspection charges. The department will not reschedule inspectors until all fees are paid in full. The navigation side bar links to applications and the fee schedule. The contact number is 734-281-4242 for questions and scheduling.



New construction or additions require three (3) sets of plans with the building permit application. Complete submittals allow projects to be reviewed and eliminate delays. A copy of your certified survey (as-built mortgage survey) with the proposed construction documents may expedite permit processing.



Contractor Registration fee is $50.00. Please include a copy of your Michigan Contractor's License and your driver's license. All permit applications must be accompanied with a certificate of insurance. Insurance companies may mail or fax the certificate to:

City of Riverview Building Department
14100 Civic Park Drive
Riverview, MI 48193
FAX: 734-281-4247 


Properties foreclosed or purchased through a short sale must be inspected following closing and prior to occupancy.  The inspection must be scheduled by the new property owner after closing.  There is no pre-closing or Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) inspection.  The City does not charge for this inspection.  Foreclosed properties are tagged with a high-visibility green sticker.  Property must be maintained in a secure manner and be free of grass and noxious weeds exceeding 8 inches in height.  Snow and ice must be removed.  Questions relating to, and scheduling of inspections can be directed to the Code Enforcement officer at 734-281-4249.



Single-family and multiple-family homes used as rental income property must register with the City of Riverview and receive a Certificate of Compliance prior to occupancy.  Inspections by the city’s rental inspector are required as part of the process. Residential rental fees include a one time registration fee of $50 and $165 inspection fee that includes the first and final inspection. Additional inspections are $50.

City of Riverview Building Department
Attn: Residential Rental Inspection Program
14100 Civic Park Dr.
Riverview, MI 48193 

Residential Rental Application

Residential Inspection Checklist

Riverview Rental Ordinance

Questions relating to multi-unit rental registration, fees, and scheduling of inspections can be directed to Aaron Schwartz on Mondays at 734-281-4243. Leave a voice message so that your call can be returned.



Building and property improvement in the City must meet requirements of the City of Riverview zoning and building codes.  A homeowners association within a subdivision may enforce stricter building and land use regulations based on the subdivision’s declaration of restrictions.  A homeowner contemplating building or property improvements is advised to consult both public and private restrictions prior to construction.  These private restrictions are registered with Wayne County Register of Deeds. The navigation side bar links to the restrictions on file. The list may not be exhaustive. 



The department receives many requests for information, forms and applications. Those often requested are linked to below. Permit applications are electronically available in the navigation side bar.

Sheds and Accessory Structures - See concrete & Cement handout below for slab information

Pools and Hot Tub Handout - This handout includes information about installing pools and hot tubs in Riverview. Electrical and building permits are required for this project.

Concrete & Cement Fees and Specs

Electrical Requirements for Pools and Spas

Water Safety for the Homeowner - Backflow Prevention

Fence Permit Forms and Questions - See Download Forms

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Common Contractor Scams 

An Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher program is required to view building department documents.  



The building department receives questions on city services that are the responsibility of other departments. Common questions with contact information are listed below.

Street repair, Trees in the right of way, Special trash pick-up – the DPW must be contacted at 734-281-4270. 

Sidewalk repair and maintenance is the homeowner's responsibility.  Permits must be obtained for concrete work.

Streetlight outages - the Police Department must be contacted at the 734-281-4210 non-emergency number. 

Blight complaints - the code enforcement officer in the Community Development Department must be contacted at 734-281-4249. 

Rear yard drainage complaints - The City of Riverview no longer offers this program.  Residents experiencing flooding problems with an existing drainage system should contact a licensed plumber for corrective action.



Community Development Department:
David Scurto       Director

Building Administration:
Mary Kostelnik       Building Administrator

Multi-Unit Rental Program:
Aaron Schwartz       Permits Technician
(Mondays only)

Department Address:
14100 Civic Park Drive
Community Development Dept.
Riverview, Michigan   48193-7600
Phone:  734-281-4242       Fax:  734-281-4247