Land Preserve

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Riverview Land Preserve (mailing address)
14100 Civic Park Drive
Riverview, MI 48193
Main Office: 734-281-4263
Fax: 734-479-5960

Director of Solid Waste
Robert Bobeck
Office Phone: 734-785-5927
Fax: 734-479-5960

Sales and Marketing
John Menna
Office Phone: 734-785-5928
Cell Phone: 734-216-4990
Fax: 734-479-5960

Administrative Assistant 
Erika Herrera
Office Phone: 734-785-5929
Fax: 734-479-5960

Administrative Specialist
Kristin McMaster
Office Phone: 734-281-4263 ext. 5303
Fax: 734-479-5960

Odor Complaint Hot Line 734-785-7358
Please leave a message with the nature of complaint, location, description, date and time and your contact information.
This line is setup to allow a simple method of reporting smells percieved to be emanating from the Riverview Land Preserve

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