Land Preserve

Disposal Pricing

Waste Delivered in Following Vehicle Types:


Flat Rate fee of $27.00 per disposal. 

Van, SUV, Pickup:
Flat Rate fee of $42.00 per disposal. 

Large Vehicles & Vehicles with Trailers:
Construction, Demolition & Rubbish, Sod, Concrete, Brick:
Minimum charge of $60.00 for 3,400 pounds of disposal.
Additional charge of $35.00 per ton after minimum weight above.

Tree Limbs, Logs & Brush:
 $23.50 per ton, minimum charge per load of $20.00.

Tree Stumps:
$35.00 per ton, minimum charge per load of $20.00.           

Mixed Stumps and Other Wood:
$28.50 per ton, minimum charge per load of $20.00.

Tree Wood Chips:
Free of Charge

Boats, Hot Tubs, and Campers:
Boats: $10.00 per lineal foot. Example: 18' Boat = $180.00
Hot Tubs: $120.00
Campers: Pickup Bed Mounted Campers: $55.00 Tow Behind Pop Up Campers $80.00

Additional Fees:

Mattress & Box Springs:
First two items per load are free of charge.
 Additional charge of $10.00 per item over amount above.  

Freon Containing Appliances: 
Freon Containing appliances can be accepted for a fee of $50.00 each appliance. This includes Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, and Wine Coolers.

Weight Only Fee:
Charge of $20.00 per weight ticket issued. 

Return Check Fee:
Charge of $40.00 per non-sufficient funds transaction.

Unloading/Dig Out Assistance Fee:
Signed waiver required.
Minimum charge of $27.00 for 9 minutes or less.
Additional charge of $3.00 per minute after 9 minutes.

Credit/Debit Card Administrative Fee:
2% of each transaction total.

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