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Land Preserve


The Riverview Land Preserve is a Michigan licensed municipal solid waste landfill facility owned and operated by the City of Riverview since 1968. The facility design and operation meet or exceed federal subtitle D and Michigan regulations, making it possible to manage a variety of non-hazardous solid wastes in an environmentally responsible manner.

Riverview maintains a strong commitment to its residents and customers to provide the best service while protecting environmental resources. It is this commitment that has made Riverview a leader in developing innovative approaches to solid waste opportunities for over forty years and makes success in solid waste management a strategic part of our everyday business.

The Land Preserve's facilities and services have been designed to meet the customized needs of our municipal, commercial and industrial clients, including secure disposal, recycling or reuse of residential, construction, demolition, commercial and special wastes. The facility also offers tree wood management, and other services. The wide variety of acceptable waste types, full range of waste services provided by the Land Preserve, and the commitment to excellence by Riverview's management and staff ensure our customers that we have the flexibility to develop solutions that meet their long term solid waste management needs.

Riverview Land Preserve Summary of Benefits

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Clean Electricity Production
  • Creation of Recreation Area at Landfill Site
  • Utility and Industry Working with Community


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