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The City of Riverview Purchasing Department functions as a centralized service to all other City departments overseeing all purchases for the City. The primary functions include conducting all formal bids exceeding $7,500.00; all informal bids exceeding $5,000.00; and obtaining quotes for all purchases exceeding $500.00. These functions are performed in accordance with the City of Riverview Charter and Purchasing Ordinance and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory acts.

The department maintains a comprehensive inventory of all machinery, equipment, office furniture, vehicles, etc. and tracks the exchange of these items between departments as well as overseeing the disposal of all used equipment, furniture, fixtures, etc.


All formal bids are advertised in The News Herald newspaper; on the local cable networks of Comcast and Wide Open West; on the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) . Vendors wishing to do business should check the MITN site on a regular basis. Vendors may also register with BidNet who will notify you electronically for a nominal fee. MITN members also place items for auction on the website. The public is welcomed to participate in the purchase of auctioned items.

Doug Drysdale - CityManager
Purchasing director .

14100 Civic Park Drive Riverview, Michigan
Fax: 734-281-4229
Purchasing questions call 734-281-4224 or email:

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