NOTICE In accordance with Section 6.2 of the Riverview City Charter, and at the request of Mayor Swift, a Special Meeting is called for Monday, March 30, 2020.  Pre-Council Study Session will begin at 7:00 PM and the Special Meeting will begin at 7:30 PM  via  Virtual Meeting  for the Purpose of Discussing: 1.  Regular City Council Business
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All Riverview municipal buildings are closed to the general public as of 5:00pm, Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. More information is available under Latest News elsewhere on this webpage.
Property and building inspections are postponed.
  The City will reschedule inspections when operations restart. We hope our regard for the inspectors and your safety is welcomed.

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Departmental Fee Schedule 2018 Amendment (Snow Removal Fees)

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Building and Engineering - Community Development Fee Schedule 2017

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