Business License Information And Application

Business License Information And Application

Riverview Business and Professional Registry Listing of Riverview Businesses and Professional Offices located in the City.

Looking to start a new business in Riverview? Check Business License 2022 Fee Schedule Listing and click on the following link for the Building and Engineering Department Fee Schedule

Cannabis Business License Application / Anti-Collusion Affidavit and Certificate of Compliance Public Ethics Application and supporting documents to be submitted to Clerk's Office on Friday, January 6, 2023 in person at 9:00 AM.  MAIN Lobby Door entrance ONLY (Glass Canopy Entrance) --YOU WILL RECEIVE A NUMBER AT THIS DOOR UPON ENTRANCE AT 8:00 AM. Opening a

Business in Riverview Instructions
Cannabis Business License Ordinance (effective January 6, 2023)

Business License Ordinance

New Business License Info Packet and Application Forms
Please download, read and complete the packet before submittal to the Clerk.  Once inspections are completed and a Certificate of Occupancy is obtained a business license is issued.

New Business Applicant Additional Information

2022 Business License Renewal Application  Business Licenses are Non-transferable. New Owners will need to submit a new business license application.

Home Occupation Business License Application if you are running a business from your home, you are required to register your business in the city by obtaining a license. Zoning Requirements for Home Occupation

Information on Peddler License Peddler licenses are $200 per day or $2000 per year.

Information on Solicitor License A license is required to solicit your business in Riverview.  A City of Riverview identification card must be worn at all times when soliciting in the city.
Solicitor Ordinance
Solicitor Application

Information on Transient Merchant License Transient Merchant Licenses are $300 per day.

Transient Peddler Solicitor Special License Application

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