Public Works

Water Maintenance

The Water Department provides water service for all the residents and businesses in Riverview. While the potable water is supplied by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the distribution, maintenance and measuring is performed under the complete auspices of the Department of Public Works and staff, state licensed water distribution personnel.

The Department of Public Works maintains the nearly 37 miles of water mains along with the nearly 4000 water meters in the City. DPW services include the installation and maintainance of water meters, meter reading for billing purposes and investigation of complaints regarding high bills and discolored or bad tasting water. If you have any water concerns, please contact the DPW at 734.281.4270.

Jeff Webb Director
18550 Krause 
Department of Public Works 
Riverview, Michigan 48193-7600
Phone: (734)281-4270 
Fax: (734)283-0018

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