Riverview Fire Department Joins MI Prevention Campaign to Reduce Fire Fatalities in the downriver area.

Riverview Fire Department Joins MI Prevention Campaign to Reduce Fire Fatalities in the downriver area.

Residential Smoke Alarm Installation and Consumer Fire Education Program Funded by FEMA Grant


Riverview Fire Department has joined the MI Prevention statewide fire safety campaign through the State Fire Marshal, the Bureau of Fire Services and Michigan’s fire safety organizations to reduce the high number of fire deaths, injuries and property loss in Michigan. In order to protect the health and safety of high-risk populations in downriver and other targeted areas, the Riverview Fire Department is participating in MI Prevention by installing smoke alarms in homes free of charge and educating consumers on safety practices.

“Having working smoke alarms in your home and making fire safety a constant priority are the best ways to prevent fires before they start, and stop fire-related deaths and injuries,” said Fire Chief Ron Lammers. “The lives of all Michiganders depend on fire safety, education and awareness.” 

In 2019, 102 Michiganders perished in home fires with a reported $190 million in property damage. Since January 1, 2020, 84 people have died in residential fires in Michigan. These statistics are gathered from the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) data, as reported by fire departments.

More than just an alarm give-away program, this campaign is an actual home installation program with an educational component to increase awareness and knowledge about fire safety to achieve a sustained behavioral change. Upon the homeowner’s request, trained MI Prevention volunteers consisting of fire and emergency personnel from the fire department in Riverview will install the 10-year life expectancy alarms – up to six per house, if needed. Homeowners can contact Riverview Fire Department to request a fire safety home visit at no charge, by phone at (734)281-4264 or by coming into the department at 18500 Civic Park Drive and filling out a request form.

In addition, Riverview Fire is working to educate citizens, increase awareness, correct bad habits, and cut down on unsafe behavior in homes across the downriver area.  MI Prevention is also educating the more than 30,000 fire fighters in Michigan to fully understand community risk reduction concepts to maximize fire prevention efforts in their own counties.

Funding for the MI Prevention statewide initiative comes from a competitive, one-year, $525,000 Fire Prevention and Safety grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security, and a five percent state match.

Consumers can find more resources and safety information at the MI Prevention website: www.michigan.gov/miprevention

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