Riverview Crossings Apartment Inspection Statement

In response to rumors that the City has been lax in dealing with tenant complaints at Riverview Crossings,  the Building Department,  in conjunction with the Fire Department,  has reported that there have been numerous inspections of the units, along with  meetings  and communication with the Crossings’ management team.  Thus far, the new ownership has spent over $1,500,000 in repairs and improvements and is being held to a tight compliance schedule as noted below.  


The Building Department has met with the apartment ownership six times between May 2022 and August 2023 to address the inspection schedule, exterior improvements, interior improvements and major equipment replacement. The following items have been completed: 

    • A fire-damaged building was demolished and removed.
    • Boilers were replaced.
    • Hot water tanks were replaced.
    • Parking lots and roads were paved. 
    • Each unit and building met fire inspector approval.
    • Unoccupied units were renovated. 


Additional items are in need of improvement and the renovation pace has slowed. Recognizing this, the Department met the owner's representative  on August 23, 2023 and set an inspection schedule to accelerate the completion pace. The schedule has one building being inspected per week starting September 14, 2023. If a building is not ready for inspection as scheduled, a citation is issued. Per standard practice granted to anyone in the City, the owner has 30 days from the inspection date to correct the deficiencies.  After that, the violation results in a District Court citation being issued.


Rental property owners and rental residents are reminded that the City has a rental inspection ordinance program designed to ensure that safe and secure rental housing is properly maintained.   Any rental resident  that experiences conditions that are believed to be a threat to their safety or violates building codes is encouraged to follow the proper channel of reporting it to the City’s Building Department at 734-281-4242.   Our office hours are 9  am to 5 pm.  Complaints may also be emailed to JDufore@cityofriverview.com

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